What amenities are available at Papakea? 

Our Papakea vacation rentals offer a range of amenities to enhance your stay. Guests can enjoy the lush tropical grounds, oceanfront swimming pool, hot tub, and BBQ area, and access to a variety of water activities. The resort provides a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation for a memorable Maui vacation. 

Are there nearby dining options? 

Absolutely! Papakea is conveniently located near a variety of dining options. Whether guests prefer casual beachside cafes or upscale restaurants, they can explore the diverse culinary scene around the resort. Head to Duke’s Beach House for a memorable island inspired meal or pick up fresh ingredients to prepare your own feast at the nearby Fish Market Maui. 

What sets your Papakea vacation rentals apart? 

Our Papakea vacation rentals stand out for their spacious accommodations and stunning oceanfront views. Each rental is thoughtfully designed to provide guests with a comfortable and luxurious retreat and onsite amenities, creating an ideal home-away-from-home experience in Maui. 

Is there a beach nearby? 

Certainly! Our Papakea vacation rentals are situated along the picturesque North Kaanapali Beach. Known for its long stretches of golden sands, the Kaanapali area is a perfect location for beach lovers. 

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