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Recently we wrote about a few upgrades we’re making at our Maui condo rentals facility, including an expansion of the fitness room and comfy new chairs for the pool. We have even more news, as we continue to work to make Honua Kai’s Finest the safest, most luxurious and accommodating facility on Maui!

We mentioned last time we had added new chairs so that everyone who wanted to enjoy the pool would have a comfortable place to relax. Our new Cleaning Manager is working to ensure the pool deck is ship-shape as cleaning teams focus on making our pools the safest, cleanest, and most inviting for our guests – even the BBQ grills get tender loving care! We’ve also taken safety to a whole new level, installing a French drain behind the BAM shack on the pool deck so there aren’t any worries of slipping.

While we were excited to announce the addition of new equipment in our fitness room to accommodate guests, we’re also working on installing a larger A/C system as we expand the fitness room so that guests enjoy cool, comfortable surroundings. We’ve also installed a lock on the doors so that they aren’t left open and the cool air stays inside!

One more tidbit of news we think you’ll love – commercial-grade high-speed Internet! Considering that today having access to the Internet is a requirement and not an option, we’re making progress toward providing dedicated wifi routers in each condo so that owners will enjoy superior signal strength and speed! The world-wide-web at your fingertips in seconds is what you can expect in the near future.

At Honua Kai’s Finest we believe those who choose our Maui condo rentals deserve the best there is to offer. While our condos provide the ultimate in luxurious surroundings, spaciousness, and all of the features and amenities you could possibly want, we want to deliver a wonderful experience in every area of our services, including our pool and fitness facilities. Attention to the smallest details and catering to our guests’ needs are what set us apart from the rest!