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Vacationing On Maui? Choosing A Condo Or Other Vacation Rental

vacationing on maui

With the plethora of Maui condo rentals and other vacation rentals to choose from, making your final choice can be overwhelming. At Honua Kai’s Finest, we have a few suggestions below to help make choosing your vacation accommodations a bit easier.

First, what area are you interested in on the island? If you’ve had friends or family vacation on Maui, they can probably give you a few pointers. For the most part, vacationers love the West and South sides of Maui. East Maui and the North Shore are also popular and offer their own particular charm, however the West side is where you’ll find Maui’s most famous “signature” beach, Kaanapali Beach.

What type of vacation rental are you looking for? From houses to condos and hotels, it’s important to keep in mind how much room you need depending on your own preferences/how many people will be staying in the rental, the amenities and conveniences you want, whether you want a swimming pool just steps away or easy access to the beach, numbers of bedrooms, etc. Many who come to Maui prefer condos because of all of the features – full kitchen, laundry, amazing views, spaciousness, all the comforts of home.

How will the costs be split? Budget is a critical factor for many people when vacationing on Maui. While the cost of a condo or house may seem out of range, consider the cost of a hotel room for a night – and what you don’t get, which is lots of space to stretch out and relax, a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals if you want, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, a living room, etc. If there are several friends or families going, splitting the costs can make it much easier on the budget. Also consider the time of year you’ll vacation, as prices for Maui condo rentals or other vacation properties often drop during the off-season.

Do your due diligence. It’s vital to perform thorough research when you’re headed for Maui! Check out several websites, take a look at reviews, compare prices, and make sure the management company has high standards of quality and is reputable. Of course you’ll also want to take a look at all the photos of various properties!

If you ultimately decide on a Maui condo rental, be sure to browse our website! Enjoy all of the conveniences you could want in a Five Star Resort setting at Honua Kai’s Finest. We look forward to seeing you soon!