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Vacationing In Maui Is A Blast – But Bad Behavior Can Ruin It For Everyone

vacationing in maui

Of course vacation time is a time to relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind, and Maui is the place to do it. Our Maui condo rentals provide spacious, luxurious surroundings you’ll enjoy when you aren’t out exploring or getting in some beach time. While we want you to have the time of your life, there are some things you shouldn’t do. Bad behavior can ruin a good time for everyone, and we’re not pointing our fingers at tourists; locals shouldn’t behave badly either.

Most of this is just common sense.

As in every other state, you shouldn’t indulge in one too many adult beverages and get behind the wheel. This puts everyone in danger!

Don’t litter. Cigarette butts last almost forever and so does plastic. Whether it’s a paper cup, plastic water bottle, fast food bag or anything else, dispose of your trash the proper way or take it with you to dispose later if there’s nowhere to put it.

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, stick to safe trails with signs. Going off trail puts you in danger. You could get lost, or a flash flood could occur.

Scooters and motorbikes are a great way to explore, but don’t drive like a madman. Sure it’s fun to scoot around without having to wear a helmet, but have common sense. It’s probably a better idea to wear one and use your noggin when driving!

Don’t try to take a little piece of the beach home with you. People love to scoop up a handful of sand or collect all of the coral or shells they can find, but think what Maui’s beautiful beaches would look like if every person who vacationed on the island took their own little piece, too! Not good.

Rein your kids in. Of course kids get excited when vacationing in Maui, just as adults do. However, rowdy kids can get on other people’s nerves whether on the beach or in a shop or restaurant. Help everyone who lives on or is vacationing on the island relish the experience by keeping your children under control.

Avoid trespassing, a big problem on the island. Not only could trespassing leave you in a dangerous situation due to flash floods or rock slides, locals don’t appreciate anyone – tourists or locals – trespassing on their property. With so much to see and do there’s no reason to venture into areas you shouldn’t!

These are a few examples of behavior that isn’t appreciated when you vacation in Maui. You can have a wonderful time simply by using good sense and following the rules. If you’re ready to take some well-deserved time off and indulge yourself in relaxation and fun, be sure to book one of our beautiful Maui condo rentals located right on Ka’anapali Beach!