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Traveling To Maui – What Should You Know Before You Go

traveling to maui

You may have already made up your mind to book a Maui condo rental when you started making plans for your vacation, but do you really know much about the island? If you haven’t visited before, there are a few things you’ll probably find interesting, and maybe even surprising! Below, we’ve listed a few things you may want to know before traveling to Maui – also referred to as the “Valley Isle,” in case you didn’t know!

The population is about 144,000. Second in size only to the “Big” Island of Hawaii, Maui has been around for over a million years and was formed by a volcano.

From California, it’s just a few hours away. You can fly to Maui from California in about six hours, not too long of a flight, although for some it seems like Hawaii is on the other side of the world!

Leave your dressier attire at home. In Maui, it’s all about casual, so all you’ll need to bring along are shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops and maybe something from Tommy Bahama for the men. Relaxed is what it’s all about – nothing stiff in Maui!

Nothing’s cheap on Maui. You probably already figured that, but gas, food, and most other things are a bit pricier in Hawaii. This isn’t simply because the islands attract so many tourists; the primary reason is that nearly everything must be shipped in. There are things you’ll find suit your budget, and not everything comes at a luxury price. If you stay in one of our Maui condo rentals you can buy groceries and cook meals in your well-appointed kitchen to save some serious cash on eating out every meal.

You’ll want a rental car. You’ll save by renting, when compared to taking a taxi to any destinations that are too far to walk, and you’ll definitely want to leave your resort to explore all of the beaches, culture, entertainment, and other things going on around the island.

Don’t be surprised to see “Don’t feed the hippies” signs if you travel up to the north shore! The upcountry area on Maui and around Paia town definitely has a hippy vibe, something many people appreciate – after all, Maui is a laid-back kind of place.

Maui is a unique vacation destination you’ll thoroughly enjoy when escaping the everyday hustle and bustle of life. To ensure your comfort and convenience (not to mention, spectacular ocean views), be sure to check out our Maui condo rentals!