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Traveling To Maui With The Family (aka Kids) In Tow? Tips To Ensure A Fabulous Vacation

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As a parent you know even a trip to the supermarket can be a challenge when you have children in tow, let alone traveling to Maui! If you’ll soon be on your way to this gorgeous piece of paradise, hopefully you’ve booked one of our fabulous Maui condo rentals. In the meantime, we’ve got a few tips and suggestions to help ensure you and your family have the time of your life while you vacation on one of Hawaii’s most enchanting islands!

Consider surfing lessons for the entire family. Although you may not be able to ride a big wave when you’re done with lessons, imagine the fun your family will have (especially the kids). There are several surfing schools on Maui, so regardless of your experience everyone from beginner to more advanced will get in on the water action.

The Lahaina Market Place is where you’ll find charming shops with all sorts of handmade goods from wood carvings, soaps and candles to jewelry and more. Kids love to check out the shops, and another perk is you can book a boat tour as it’s the central point for tours!

A whale-watching tour is one of the favorite activities of those who vacation in Maui, but be sure to check in advance as some don’t allow babies. It’s also a good idea to tell the kids you’re going on a fun boat ride in case the humpback whales decide not to make an appearance.

Consider a condo or resort rather than a hotel. When you have children, there’s lots of “stuff” to consider from pool toys and snacks to strollers and more. You don’t want to spend your time climbing over the beds to get around the room.

Pack a few snacks. While not all eating establishments in Maui are high-priced, many of them are. You may want to bring along pretzels, chips, dried fruit, nuts and other snacks to fill in those times when the kids (and maybe even you) need a little something to fill in.

Be sure to take the Road to Hana! We’ve mentioned this many times in the past, but it’s worth mentioning again. The Road to Hana is an experience like no other. Hiking, gorgeous waterfalls, and hairpin turns are just a few of the things you’ll experience along with caves and black beaches. It’s a lengthy drive, but one that’s filled with magic. It’s a big adventure to say the least, and some areas of the road an be a little nerve-rattling. If you have a child who tends toward motion or car sickness, be your own judge on this one – but it’s really a MUST DO if you can!

Vacationing on Maui with kids can be a great fun-filled adventure for the entire family, as long as you plan carefully. In any case, you’ll want to make sure the accommodations you choose for relaxing in the evenings is spacious, comfortable, and just like home! Check out our Maui condo rentals and you’ll understand why you don’t want to spend your family vacation cooped up in a hotel room.