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Traveling To Maui For Your 2017 Vacation? Helpful Tips To Make Your Trip Enjoyable

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People dream of vacationing in Maui every day – but when you actually get to live that dream, you come back to reality. Where are you going to stay, what are the activities and entertainment you’ll want to enjoy, how will you get around the island, what should you bring along? There are countless questions, and planning well in advance is essential. While there’s likely no doubt you’ll want to book one of our luxurious and comfortable Maui condo rentals, we have a few suggestions to help make your vacation and the weeks leading up to it less stressful and more enjoyable.

Most of those who choose Maui to vacation in love the beach and water sports, not to mention the tropical surroundings and warm weather. Sunshine is abundant on the island, so if you plan to engage in outdoor activities or lay on the beach to achieve that golden glow, be sure to bring along a sunscreen providing SPF 30 protection to prevent a bad sunburn, which could spoil a great time. Apply frequently and be sure to drink plenty of water when outdoors.

Wondering how you’ll navigate around the island? For first time visitors, it’s usually best to choose public transportation or a guided tour so you can experience all of the places you’ve dreamed of without worrying about getting lost or going in the wrong direction. If you’re confident in your navigation skills, you can rent a car, ATV, or even a motorcycle depending on your needs.

What about booking your accommodations? Whether you choose one of our fabulous Maui condo rentals or decide to stay at a hotel or rental house, it’s important to secure where you will stay far in advance. To be on the safe side, and depending on the season, book your condo or hotel room a month in advance to ensure you won’t have any problems. If an emergency pops up and you need to cancel, most resorts and other accommodations require 48 hours notice although there may be a cancellation fee that applies.

Be sure you don’t forget the essentials. While it isn’t likely you’ll need a heavy sweater or long pants, you may want to bring along some hiking boots and a long-sleeve shirt or two should you engage in outdoor activities in the early morning or evening hours. Some areas on the island are cooler than others at certain times of the day, better to be prepared! Sunglasses, a hat to protect your face from the sun and heat, closed shoes if you intend to go horseback riding, and of course shorts and cool tops are required! Also, keep in mind that some of the more upscale restaurants and bars may have a dress code, so bring along an outfit that’s casual but suitable for these occasions. Last, and perhaps most important of all – don’t forget your swimsuit! Swimming and relaxing on the beach is what it’s all about.

You can find plenty of tips online to ensure you have a wonderful vacation while visiting our beautiful island. By planning well in advance and making a list of what you’ll need, you can avoid a ton of stress and last-minute confusion when traveling to Maui. At Honua Kai’s Finest, our Maui condo rentals are the most splendid you’ll find, and affordable. Why settle for less when you finally get the opportunity to experience the vacation of your dreams?