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Entertaining A Teenager When Vacationing On Maui

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While our specialty is luxurious Maui condo rentals, we’ve been around long enough to know that vacationing with a teenager or two can be challenging. While it’s hard to imagine anyone not dreaming of relaxing on the beach, teens tend to stay inside more and more instead of getting outdoors. They’re consumed with watching movies, playing games, social media, and all kinds of things that aren’t so healthy. So, how can you survive vacationing on Maui and make it a fun time for everyone in the family – including your teen?

Hang out at Ka’anapali Beach. This will be an easy one, considering it’s where our Maui condo rentals are located! Often referred to as “Dig Me” beach by local teens, this is four miles of the most beautiful gold sand you’ll ever see. With a paved beach walk and vendors offering almost any type of equipment you could imagine for water activity, the entire family will have a blast.

Horseback riding. Whether a beginner or seasoned rider, your family (and teenager) will enjoy taking a trip via horseback, whether for an hour or several hours.

Surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, bicycling, roller skating, hiking – there’s no shortage of activities on Maui that teenagers enjoy. Stand up paddle boarding is another favorite and fun activity among teens, and you’ll find lessons offered all across the island, for those who are “newbies” to the sport.

Of course there’s plenty of great food everywhere you go, and what teenager can’t eat his or her weight in food? While the cuisine may not always be what you’re used to, it’s definitely a fun and delicious experience to try out different things.

Paintball alongside the ocean at Maui Paintball. If you’re headed to south Maui, your teen is sure to love this fun paintball course!

Surviving vacation with your teen shouldn’t be so tough, considering you’re headed to Maui, a place where fun, excitement, and adventure abound. Be sure to check out our Maui condo rentals so you’ll enjoy your vacation to the max even when you’re not outdoors enjoying the beach and gorgeous surroundings!