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There is so much to do and see during your Maui Labor Day Weekend! Along with the usual activities, like hiking, surfing, and exploring the downtown shops, there are annual events that only occur over the famous holiday weekend.

Art Night in Lahaina

One of the best ways to kick off the holiday weekend is to take part in Art Night in Lahaina Town on Friday, September 4th! If you are an artist or a huge fan of local talent, then we recommend going to one of the numerous galleries in Lahaina. For those who want to combine the beautiful weather and sightseeing, then this is a must-attend event. Head here from 7pm to 10 pm on Friday night to walk through the streets, feel the ocean breeze on your face, stop and get a drink at one of the many bars, and see work from local galleries. It is no wonder that the bustling and cultural town of Lahaina is called the ‘Art Capital of the Pacific’! You can also enjoy free refreshments during this wholesome night out on the town.

Guided Walk of Coastal Dunes and Wetlands

For those who want to burn a few calories, see the incredible nature, take remarkable photos, and become one with nature, the Guided Walk of the Waihe’e Dunes and Wetlands is a must-do. We love that this walk is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, so you can even do this as a family-friendly activity with young children! Walk around the culturally diverse areas of Hawaii, walk along the coastal dunes, learn about the Hawaiian villages and buildings, ask questions about the Hawaiian heritage and royalty, and see remarkable endangered plants and animals.

Summer Block Party

Next, head to the Summer Block Party on Sunday, September 6th, to keep the party going all weekend long and celebrate in the best way possible. There is much more to do here than just drink beer along the coast at one of the beach cafes! Instead, you can attend the Summer block party at the Outlets of Maui to get great deals on souvenirs, buy drinks at a discounted price, taste some of the local seafood, and order happy hour beverages for you and your friends. You can also head to Pi Artisan Pizzeria for brunch dish specials and happy hour pricing! Plus, all of this goes to a good cause and helps the local Make a Wish Hawaii foundation.

Whale Talk

Last but not least, end your Labor Day Weekend with an educational and informative excursion. Head to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary to speak to teachers and instructors to learn more about these incredible marine creatures and take unforgettable photos.

Maui Ocean Center

Another fun thing to do that you can partake in all year round but is fun for families with young children over the holiday weekend is to attend the Maui Ocean Center and the Aquarium of Hawaii. You can learn about marine wildlife and see why this is one of the top 10 aquariums in the world as ranked by Cool Destinations! It is no wonder that people flock here from all over the world, as it is inexpensive, immersive, and informative. You can purchase an all-day ticket for less than $45!

Go Whale Watching

If you can’t get enough of the unique marine life, then we recommend going on a whale-watching tour from Lahaina Harbor. Board the Quicksilver and have fun with this two-hour guided tour with a professional who can teach you about whales’ behavior, lifestyles, and cool facts. Bring our camera so you can take photos of whales in their natural habitat as you speed by in the catamaran! This fun afternoon excursion costs just $40.

Maui Snorkeling

You can also go on a Maui snorkeling tour! Choose your path, such as the Molokini Tour, which lasts 5 hours and takes the entire morning. Head onto the 53-foot Lani Kai II boat with your captain to slide off the 20-foot water slide, have a few drinks, go snorkeling in the bright blue water, and bond with your friends and family.

Maui Ghost Walks

Are you a fan of the supernatural? If so, book a Maui ghost walk in Lahaina to find out about the haunted history of this beautiful town! Your tour guide will take you to haunted beaches, old artifacts, antique buildings, fairy hideaways, and much more.

Book Your Stay on Maui

There is SO much to do in Hawaii during our vacation; it is no wonder that people head here from all over the world to celebrate Labor Day Weekend! Along with going to beaches, hiking, and sunbathing, you can take part in these annual events that only happen in September. We know you are going to have an unforgettable vacation with your friends and family!

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