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Is The Road To Hana On Your List Of To-Dos When Vacationing In Maui?

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For many vacationing in Maui, the Road to Hana is the highlight of the trip. It’s best to make it a two-day trip if you can, simply because there’s so much to see and experience. If you can’t spend the night in Hana and need to make the trip in a single day, we’ve got some tips you’ll need to keep in mind.

Leave early in the day, as you don’t want to be driving the Road to Hana at night. With endless curves and cliffs, it’s a dangerous trek at night. If you can get to Pa’ia by 7 a.m. you can do more along the way and avoid some of the heaviest traffic.

Take a long a poncho, mosquito repellent and sneakers. Small showers can pop up at any time, and the wet climate on this side of the island attracts mosquitoes. Be prepared, and you’ll have a great time no matter what the weather brings.

With hundreds of curves and more than 50 bridges, you’ll want to be cautious when driving and keep your eye out for tourists. Obey traffic signs and drive slowly – besides being dangerous, if you drive too fast you’ll miss all of the natural beauty and other attractions!

Don’t detour off path. There are lots of hazards if you get off the path, so don’t do it. Stay on the trails along the Road to Hana as most are in good shape, but always pay close attention.

The waterfalls are plentiful, but be safe when splashing in the water. It isn’t a good idea to get directly under a huge waterfall, as things besides water can come rushing over the edge. Enjoy the beauty, but from a safe distance.

Some of the places you’ll definitely want to stop at along the way include the Garden of Eden, the Honomanu Bay Lookout, and Keanae Peninsula and Village. Be safe, and enjoy the experiences along the Road to Hana!

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