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Is Your Maui Vacation In Pursuit Of Peace And Solitude?

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Because we are in the Maui condo rentals business, we know that many people who dream of a Maui vacation picture themselves enjoying cocktails with little umbrellas and soaking up the sun on the beach for days on end. While it’s certainly fine to enjoy the beaches, shops, local dining and cocktails, some prefer to experience a more peaceful vacation – genuine R & R, if you will. Not to worry, there are plenty of peaceful spots on the island where you won’t find hundreds of people or other noises/interruption!

Turtle Town is where you can blend in with some of the old souls of our Green Hawaiian Sea turtles while snorkeling in some of the most beautiful, peaceful surroundings you’ll find.

There really is a Garden of Eden, and this beautiful paradise offers acre upon acre of native Hawaiian flora amongst the countless tropical plant species in an incredible botanical garden. If you’re traveling east on the road to Hana, you won’t want to miss this peaceful spot!

Is hiking or mountain biking your thing? Get away from it all while losing yourself on the beautiful trails of the Makawao Forest Reserve, where you’ll experience not only the most magnificent island views, but pine and eucalyptus trees, hoot owls, and perhaps a few horses or goats munching on the hills along the way.

The Maunalei Arboretum, Wai’anapanapa State Park, and O’o Farm in the island’s upcountry farming community of Kula are other opportunities you won’t want to miss in your pursuit of peace and serenity. There are countless peaceful and even “secret” spots on Maui, it’s not all beaches and sand!

Whether you choose to pursue solitude and magnificent, quiet surroundings or would rather mingle with other vacationers on the gorgeous beaches, at the end of the day you’ll want to kick back and relax in one of our luxurious Maui condo rentals. In fact, if it’s relaxation and peace you’re after, you may just want to stay inside! Visit Honua Kai’s Finest to browse some of our magnificent accommodations.