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Heading To Maui For Vacation? Facts About The Island You Probably Don’t Know

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If you’ve never been to Maui, chances are you picture plentiful sunshine, tropical surroundings, and of course magnificent beaches. While all of this is true and not a figment of your imagination, there are a few facts about our wonderful island we think you’ll find interesting. Headed to Maui for vacation? Be sure to book your Maui condo rental now before they’re all gone! Meanwhile, enjoy these interesting facts.

Hiking a volcano is common. Most people don’t picture a volcano as something you hike, but lots of visitors hike up Haleakala, a shield volcano at the Haleakala National Park that rises more than 10,000 feet above sea level! Of course the volcano is dormant, and its name means “house of sun” so you’ll want to be sure to bring along the sunscreen.

Where does the name ‘Maui’ come from? According to legend, the Hawaiian islands were pulled from the sea from by a demi-god named Maui. Other than legend, some say the island was named after the son of a Polynesian navigator who discovered the island.

Sand isn’t just sand – and it isn’t all a bland beige color! Most people have seen plenty of sand in their lifetimes, most of it beige in color. On Maui you’ll experience gorgeous beaches with white, red, and even black sand depending on which beaches you visit. For instance, the sand is a beautiful black color at Waianapanapa Beach due to the fact that the sand consists of lava pebbles.

One of our trees is humongous – and we do mean big! Okay, so who in the world wants to see a tree when they’re headed to Maui? You may change your mind when considering the size of what is said to be the biggest tree in the U.S., a banyan tree that takes up almost an acre of space in Lahaina and is 142 years old! With 16 trunks supporting this massive tree, it’s a popular spot for parties and festivals, and truly a magnificent sight.

Of course you don’t have to hike a volcano or go see the banyan tree, but it’s fun information to know. With all there is to do and see on Maui you’ll have a hard time fitting it all in! At Honua Kai’s Finest, our Maui condo rentals are the best you will find, offering luxurious amenities, spectacular views, quick access to the water, and much more. Book your vacation rental today!