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Maui Travel Tips – Good Things To Know Before You Arrive

maui travel tips

You’ve already secured one of our Maui condo rentals and you can’t wait to get on the plane and head to the beach! Of course, there’s a lot more to know before you arrive – and there’s much more to experience than what you might think. There is more to a vacation on Maui than just fun at the beach and soaking up the sun, although that’s definitely what attracts many folks. So, what should you know? Here are some Maui travel tips.

A trip to Maui doesn’t have to be “pricey.” You probably imagine that staying in a condo will cost a small fortune, but it actually isn’t that much more than an upscale hotel, and the amenities and comforts are far greater. You enjoy spacious, elegant surroundings and the sounds of the ocean, and amazing views from your condo – and we almost always have special deals going on. In addition, because you have a full kitchen, you can stock up on a few groceries and prepare meals occasionally, rather than dining out every meal, so you save a few bucks!

Infused culture and a mixed population. As with the rest of Hawaii, Maui has residents who come from Portugal, Japan, and other areas, so you’ll enjoy a melting pot of cultures along with great food you’ve likely never experienced before. The local food, and the fact that the population is so diverse, means interesting combinations, so expect unique dishes to be served up that you’ve never heard of before, perhaps a few with ingredients you aren’t familiar with.

As we mentioned earlier, Maui is about a whole lot more than the beach! While our Maui condo rentals are located on the West side of Maui, in Lahaina on Ka’anapali Beach, there’s a lot to explore across the island. Nothing can compare to the sunset at Haleakala National Park, and you may want to explore the “upcountry” on the South side of the island where you can experience the Piiholo Ranch or the Ali’I Kula Lavender Farm. Be aware, this isn’t what you expect to see on the island, considering it’s acres of rolling farmlands with a true country feel and lush greenery! Of course, you’ll want to check out the famed Road to Hana, the most scenic drive on the island, taking you across nearly 60 bridges; and if you enjoy hiking, you won’t want to miss a hike up the West Maui Mountains on the Lahaina Pali Trail.

With so much culture to explore and things to see and do, you may find yourself having to make time to spend on the beach! It’s good to have an idea of what you can look forward to before you actually depart on your Maui vacation, so you won’t be overwhelmed when you arrive!

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