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Maui Condo Rentals – How To Get Around When You Get Here

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You’ve rented a condo in Maui for that fabulous vacation you can hardly wait for, but what about tooling around once you get here? While our specialty is Maui condo rentals, we’ve been around long enough to know visitors who are completely new to the island can have a tough time figuring out how to get around. We have a few suggestions that will help you avoid the stress!

Certainly our condos are luxurious, comfortable, and offer all of the conveniences of home, but no one wants to stay inside when you’re on the beautiful island of Maui! There’s way too much to see and do – experiences that often come along once in a lifetime.

You have a few options when it comes to transportation on Maui. First, keep in mind that condos located at resorts offer shuttle services to run you around. Second, there are taxis and public transit to consider. Still, your freedom to explore the island is a bit limited when you count on someone else to do the driving!

You probably want to consider renting a car so that you have the flexibility to go anywhere you like. Before you do so, though, it’s important to realize that if you haven’t been to Maui before, you’ll need to gauge how far it is from one point to another. For instance, how long a drive would you have ahead of you if you were to drive from Wailea to Kaeleku Caverns (Hana Lava Tube)? What about driving from Kihei to Lahaina? It’s important to know not only how long the drive will take, but the best route as well. Plan ahead, before you arrive in Maui, and rent a car!

Those vacationing on Maui love having the freedom to drive to and from wherever they like on their own time schedule. Just be sure to thoroughly research prior to your trip, including driving time estimates for popular tourist destinations and the best routes to take. You’ll also find a detailed map of Maui extremely helpful in your journey! Here are a few printable maps we think you’ll find helpful.

However you choose to navigate around the island, no doubt you’ll love your Maui condo vacation rental when it’s time to relax and rejuvenate at the end of the day! Situated on Kaanapali Beach, there may actually be a day or two you’d prefer not to drive at all, but instead enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

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