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Maui Condo Rentals, Hotels, And Villas – So Many Choices, Where To Stay

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If you’re coming to Maui to vacation or perhaps have booked a destination wedding on the island, it’s hard to know where to stay. Which is best, Maui condo rentals, a hotel or villa, or even renting a house? It’s impossible to say what’s right for you, and where you kick off your shoes and relax at the end of the day depends on what you prefer, your budget, needs, and more. First of all it’s important to know what region of the island you intend to spend most of your time in!

With the island divided into six primary regions, the two most popular are West Maui and South Maui. Whatever region you’ll spend time in, it’s important to understand the different types of accommodations. Here’s a little info that will help.

Of course you know what a hotel is, but what about resorts? Hotels are the most basic of accommodations, and usually include a large room containing one or two beds, a television, and perhaps a table with a couple of chairs crowded in by the window along with a bathroom. Resorts are similar to hotels but a bit fancier, some with spas and golf courses, along with upgraded amenities.

Maui condo rentals and villas are the most popular choice among visitors to the island, for good reason. Unlike hotels, condos and villas have kitchens so that vacationers can enjoy cooking a meal every now and then (saving on eating out), along with separate bedrooms, a living room, and furnishings that make you feel comfortable and right at home. Impeccable decor and spacious, luxurious surroundings set condos apart from hotel rooms, as you can imagine. In fact, many have ample space and bedrooms to accommodate 8 or 10 people! Considering how many hotel rooms you would have to rent for that many, it may be more cost-effective to rent a condo or villa and split the costs rather than getting three or four hotel rooms.

Vacation home rentals are another option, one that’s economical if you’re bringing along a large number of friends and family members and intend to stay for a couple of weeks or even a month. As you can imagine, a home offers everything you could need and some have hot tubs and their own private pools, although these are the ultra elite “upscale” estate rentals which can be quite pricey.

The choice is really up to you – what amenities you prefer, whether you want to be able to step out and be at the beach in minutes, or have a spectacular view from your rental. You probably already know hotels aren’t the most inviting or comfortable place to stay, but Maui condo rentals are hugely popular and for many reasons. Before you decide, do a little research, check out prices, look at the various accommodations online. At Honua Kai’s Finest, you can enjoy luxurious, spacious surroundings and all of the comforts of home. Book your condo today!