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Maui Condo Rentals – Family Vacations For Couples With Kids

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The weather may be super cold where you’re at right now, and after all, it’s the holidays! Isn’t it time for a “kidcation” on the beautiful and kid-friendly island of Maui? While we focus on Maui condo rentals and other vacation properties, we know it’s tough to find just the right accommodations when vacationing with children. We have a few tips and suggestions to help you plan the perfect vacation for your family!

From snorkeling and whale watching to ziplining, magic shows, hiking to a waterfall, or spending time on the beach, there’s no shortage of things to do on our fun-packed island. Your main concern in the early planning stages may be cost, how spacious the accommodations are, if there is a pool or beach nearby, etc. Ask yourself a few questions when planning your vacation including:

What is your budget in terms of hotel or condo accommodations? How much for food, travel, activities, etc? Knowing your overall budget will help you determine where you can afford to stay.

Do you want to stay in a hotel? Keep in mind that hotel rooms can be cramped and uncomfortable, especially if you have two or three children. You’ll also have to eat every meal out – and where will you stretch out to relax at the end of the day? Without a living room and furnishings, you’ll likely spend all your time wrestling around on the beds. Condos typically have fully equipped kitchens, so you can save money by cooking and enjoy that quality time with your family – not to mention the gorgeous views!

Is it important for your vacation rental to be near the beach, or to have a pool you and the kids can enjoy?

Will I need to pay some portion of the rental upfront to secure accommodations, and when will the remaining balance become due?

What do your children want to do most while vacationing on Maui, and are there opportunities for those activities nearby?

The fact is, not every location on Maui is kid-friendly. Some facilities and activities are geared more toward adults and seniors, while others offer all sorts of fun activities and things to do for families with children. If you’re considering a family vacation and have children, learn more about our luxurious Maui condo rentals and how you can actually save over staying in a hotel room! Contact Honua Kai’s Finest today and get all of your questions answered.