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Maui Condo Rentals – Spending Christmas On Maui Is A Great Idea

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Temperatures are getting colder by the day on the mainland, with some states getting their first snow of the season. Sure, building a snowman is fun and the flakes falling are beautiful – at least for a while. But while your teeth are chattering and your toes are frozen, imagine escaping to a place where the temperatures are warm and the fun plentiful – Maui! Our Maui condo rentals are spectacular, but there are other reasons to consider spending Christmas on this wonderful piece of paradise.

Where else can you scuba dive, snorkel, fish, surf, or just lay in the sun and soak up the warmth in December? Whether you want to windsurf at Kahana Beach Park or snorkel at Kaanapali Beach, there’s no shortage of warm-weather activities to indulge in!

Enjoy a real treat when you watch the humpback whales! If you’re on the west section of Maui, December is the perfect month for whale watching. You can also hop on a tour if you want to get a glimpse that’s truly up-close and personal.

Romantic and family-friendly. You rarely find both in one place, but Maui’s where you can enjoy a game of golf on a world-class course, go for a romantic sunset stroll on the beach, visit the Maui Ocean Center aquarium, or for those who really like an adrenalin rush, take a zipline tour or go skydiving. It’s all here!

You can relax – really. Think about it; when you stay at home over the holidays, what do you get? An amazing amount of stress considering the holiday parties, traffic, crowded shops and stores, constant holiday ads in your face, etc. Why not just relax on the beach or even enjoy a massage? Of course if you love shopping for the holidays, there’s no shortage of charming shops and boutiques.

Enjoy amazing food. From calamari, sushi, and lobster to escargot, a juicy New York Strip, sashimi and coconut ice cream, the food is out of this world.

Christmas is just around the corner, does a trip to our fabulous island sound like the ideal way to spend the holiday? Be sure to book one of our Maui condo rentals now, while you still have options!