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Maui Condo Rentals – Enjoy The Beaches Of Maui With These Tips

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The beautiful beaches are one of the reasons so many people choose to vacation in Maui. Our Maui condo rentals are located right on the beach, so that’s one way to start your vacation off on the right foot! Other than that, we have a little information to help you stay safe, abide by the laws and enjoy the beach scene even more.

Be sure to look for signs that say “public beach access,” as there are no private beaches on the island. If you see a spanse of water and no sign, it’s other people’s private property you have to cross to get there – that means it’s not accessible to you! Abide by the rules.

If you smoke, don’t do it on the beach! It could cost you $500, and all beaches/beach parks are smoke-free areas today. We want to keep our beaches pristine so everyone can enjoy!

Be cautious of the ocean. Conditions can change in an instant, and if locals are staying away from the water or warning signs are posted, you should stay away from the water as well. The ocean conditions in West and South Maui tend to be calmer, but always be careful. You’ll also want to keep your eyes toward the ocean, as you could get knocked down (and even worse) should you be struck by an unexpected and powerful wave.

All of this said, you may want to consider one of the many beaches on Maui that have lifeguards on duty from about 8 a.m. to 4:30 in the evenings. If you’re staying in West Maui this includes the Hanaka’o’o or “Canoe” Beach in Kaanapali and the D.T. Fleming Beach in Kapalua.

When you go into the ocean to snorkel, swim or partake in any water activity, always have someone with you so you can look out for each other. Safety in numbers!

Take these things with you, but leave nothing. Our beaches are for everyone to enjoy, so no leaving behind trash, cups, food wrappers, cans, bottles, etc. What should you take along? A good sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, beach chairs or mats, beach shoes, towels, water to drink and a trash bag so you can take any trash that accumulates with you.

We want you to enjoy the gorgeous surf and sand of our many beaches, but we also want you to be safe. Have a great time creating memories, and be sure to secure one of our beautiful Maui condo rentals well ahead of time so you won’t be disappointed.