Quite often it is the simplest pleasures that will bring the greatest joys. The sight of the sun rising from the sea on a glorious spring morning, the smell of freshly fallen rain after a summer shower, and the quiet fun that occurs while roaming the aisles of a farmers market during your vacations in paradise are just a few examples and when your journey brings you to Maui, no matter what the time of year, you can expect to experience the latter. Offering a beautiful and relaxing way to fill the pantries of your Maui Life Realty vacation sanctuary, the opportunity to purchase sweet thank you gifts for the friends or family who have stayed behind to water plants, gather mail, or play surrogate parent to your pooch, this guide to our favorite local farmers and craft markets on the beautiful island of Maui will help fill some of your vacation moments.

Farmers Market Maui, 61 S Kihei Road in Kihei, Open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays 7:30-4PM

Farmers markets in most places are only open seasonally and usually only one day a week, but in paradise, we don’t have to follow the rules of the mainland, and our Farmers Market Maui in Kihei is a perfect example. Open four days a week, it also stays open for far longer than what seems to be the mandatory four hours everywhere else. Its story began over 40 years ago, long before Farmers Markets were actually called Farmers Markets with a small roadside produce stand started by Grandpa Wayne Nishiki, a roadside stand that today has blossomed into the ideal place to buy not just produce, but local baked goods, arts, and crafts items, and so much more. Their second location, 3636 Lower Honoapiilani Road in Lahaina, is actually a store that is open every day of the week except Sundays and sells much of the same as they do at their outdoor locations.

Kō Mahi’ai Mākeke Saturday Kihei South Maui Ohana Farmers Market, 1819 S Kihei Road, Open Saturdays 8-12

You may have been a little surprised to see that Farmers Market Maui was closed on weekends, but never fear, the Kō Mahi’ai Mākeke Saturday Kihei South Maui Ohana Farmers Market has you covered, at least on Saturdays. Offering an extensive selection of local produce and baked goods, it’s their handmade gifts that include jewelry, soaps, and chocolates that will make you happy you chose to spend your early Saturday examining their wares. 

Maui Gift & Craft Fair, Keawe Street in Lahaina, and Kihei Wailea Gift & Craft Fair in Kihei 

One of our favorite things to do while on vacation is putting aside a few hours to do a little shopping and these two craft fairs, located not far from your Maui Life Realty Hawaii hideaway, will bring you joy if you are of like minds. Setting up shop at their designated times for over seven years and selling the best of what our local artists have to offer, admission and parking is free, allowing you to save your precious vacation dollars for the cool gifts they sell! Also selling food and refreshments, (we just love to feed people here in Hawaii) the aisles are filled with gifts you won’t find anywhere else, ensuring that however you are shopping for is sure to love being the recipient of the gifts purchased from here. The Maui Gift & Craft Fair is open from 9 AM to 2 PM on Sundays (don’t you just love Sunday Funday?) and the Kihei Wailea Gift & Craft Fair is open every Wednesday from 9-2.

Beach Walk Gift & Craft Fair, 100 Nohea Kai Drive in Lahaina

Sandwiched in the middle of the first two craft fairs, the Beach Walk Gift & Craft Fair is open on Tuesdays from with a second chance to explore on Thursdays, but only in the case of bad weather on Tuesdays. Offering everything from wood work to clothing to surf boards painted with stunning designs, our only complaint about this fair is that we wish it would be open every day. We live here and this is still our go to spot when we are trying to find gifts for the people we really like and we can assure you that any time spent wandering its aisles is destined to be your favorite times.

Storing Your Treasures

If you, like us, simply can’t stay away from the markets and fairs listed here, have no fear; your Maui Life Realty vacation escape will have plenty of space in which to store the treasures you have purchased during your shopping expeditions. Additionally, most will offer laundry rooms or stackable washers and dryers tucked away behind closet doors will allow guests to pack light, leaving plenty of room in their luggage for their goodies. Contact us and reserve your favorite today!

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