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Fridge Instructions

Each of our vacation rentals is equipped with a full-size fridge and it will cool all of your food properly. However, it is important to note that an empty fridge that is filled with food will react very differently than the refrigerator at home (your fridge at home doesn’t start out empty and
then get filled with warm/room temp food, etc. all at once). Here are some tips to ensure you don’t encounter any issues:

1. Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for a refrigerator to adequately cool down if a large volume of food and beverages are added all at once. Please allow time for the refrigerator to get cool prior to calling our office for an unnecessary service call.

2. The fridge temperature is pre-set. Please do not adjust this as it will not help (and could make the issue worsen).

3. Do not stuff it full of warm food and beverages for the first 12 hours, put in only those items that must (i.e. meat, dairy, frozen goods) be refrigerated immediately and allow them to cool. Gradually add soft drinks and other items that do not require immediate refrigeration (Ignoring this recommendation is the number one reason for service calls).

4. Keep the door shut. THIS IS A MUST. If you constantly open and close the door, it will not allow food, drinks, etc. to cool properly. Please make sure the freezer door is shut as well.

5. The fridge is equipped with 2 alarms; an open door alarm (fridge or freezer door), and a temperature alarm. This temperature alarm with most likely “go off” if packing the fridge with food/beverage items all at once. There is an “alarm off” button which you can press to stop the beeping from this alarm once it is set off.

If your refrigerator is still warm after 24 hrs, please give us a call. 808-283-0940