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Maui is one of the hottest tourist destination spots for those who want to enjoy the sun, waves, and never-ending days. If you are an avid surfer, you may never leave Hawaii! With the bright blue waters, white sand beaches, and green palm trees, this really is a haven for so many who enjoy the sunshine, blue ocean, and friendly locals. What more could you ask for if you were in need of a relaxing holiday?

We love Maui for those who enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking and biking, and for those who want to simply check out a different way of life. The locals here are extremely friendly and can provide insight into the way they live in the tropical climate, the food they eat, and the best thing to do in your free time.

If you are only in Maui for a short vacation, it is essential you look up the best things to do before you head here so you can make the most out of your vacation days! Let’s see the top fall activities in Maui in 2022 — you do NOT want to miss these things to do!

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Attend a Luau

This may be one of the most quintessential Hawaiian things that you can ever do — which is exactly what it should be on your list for your “must do” activities during your time in Maui. This unique type of fire celebration is something that you will never forget. The local dancers and performers are a genuine and heartfelt ceremony that is deep-rooted in the Hawaiian culture. We recommend heading to the Te Au Moana Luau at the Marriott Hotel or the Maui Nui Luau celebration at the nearby Kaanapali Beach during your vacation in Maui.

Zipline High in the Sky

Zipline is a great way to see the nearby volcanoes, the green forests, the expansive land, and the nearby villages as you coast through the sky. Even if you are not an adrenaline junkie, you can find ziplining routes that are not very high off the ground, providing you with a fun, fast, and safe way to get a birds-eye point of view of the surrounding island. We recommend checking out the Seventh Line North Shore Zipline Tour to really get a comprehensive glimpse of the entire island!

Snorkel Underwater

After you have soared high in the sky, it is time to get another viewpoint of Maui. Going underwater and in the water is one of the main perks of coming to Hawaii, as the water is bright blue, perfect for surfing, and great for snorkeling or scuba diving. We recommend having a professional take you snorkeling under the water so you can see marine life, including turtles, fish, coral reefs, and other mammals.

Soar Through the Air in a Helicopter Tour

And now we go back into the sky! The helicopter tour is one of the best ways that you can see the entire island in just a few hours. Even though you may not want to spend a lot of money, this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you simply can’t pass up during your holiday in Maui. On a helicopter tour, you can check out the entire Big Island, lava fields, active volcanoes, and other surrounding islands.

Up Your Adrenaline with an ATV Adventure

Heading out on an ATV is the best way you can zip through the nearby forests, explore the open fields, and check out the blue water on the coastline. Instead of just walking along trials or cycling up steep hills, ATVs help you see everything without having to break a sweat! An ATV adventure is one of the most popular ways to explore the small island. We recommend booking the Lahaina ATV Adventure to see the island in a unique and fun way — of course, if you don’t want to get dirty, this is not for you!

Submarine Adventure

The last type of adventure we think is ideal for those who want to see a unique view of the island is the Atlantis Submarine Adventure. This type of underwater excursion lets you see the beaches from under the water, as you sink below the waves, dive into the deep blue waters, and check out the expansive ocean surrounding the dotted islands of Hawaii.

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Accommodation in Maui, Hawaii

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