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How Couples Can Add Romance And Excitement To A Maui Vacation

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Whether you’ve been together for years and are looking forward to a romantic vacation without the kids, or have decided on Maui as your honeymoon destination, there are lots of things to do on the island that are romantic, fun, and adventurous. If you haven’t yet secured one of our Maui condo rentals you might want to do that now, as our luxurious condominiums are often booked weeks or even months in advance, depending on the season. Now on to the best activities for couples!

Experience a romantic sunrise at Mt. Haleakala’s summit, where you’re 10,000 feet above sea level. Definitely awesome, and an adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

How about a Pride of Maui sunset dinner and cocktail cruise? Imagine the refreshing breezes and spectacular views of the horizon as you wine and dine your significant other, and soak in all of the splendor from the deck.

Add a little excitement to the mix by riding a zipline, the ultimate in adventure for those who love nothing more than a challenge and adrenalin rush! Not only is soaring through the air a thrill, you and your loved one will enjoy the breathtaking scenes and landscape below. If you go to the North Shore you’ll find the Piiholo Ranch Zipline, where you have a variety of zipline packages to choose from, depending on how big of a challenge you want.

Take a day or two to go sightseeing and learn more about the island, culture, and activities. Any time you vacation it’s always fun to go sightseeing, but it’s a fabulous pastime in Maui. Endless miles of tropical beaches, along with unique towns where you’ll find everything from upscale jewelry and “flashy” Hawaiian shirts to art galleries and the Mana health food market – and don’t forget about the funkiest town on the island, Pa’ia. Hike, pamper yourselves at one of the many spas on the island, just head out and enjoy all of the wonder you stumble into along the way.

The Road to Hana is something you absolutely have to experience! While the drive throws in a few twists and turns, you’ll find it completely worth it once you experience all of the natural wonders, including enormous archways made of volcanic rock, breathtaking waterfalls, and so much more. Be sure to visit the historic Hana village, or consider a hike through the jungle in a bamboo forest. Simply amazing.

These are just a few ideas of how you can add romance and excitement to your couple’s Maui vacation! So much to see and do, so little time. Be sure to browse all of our available Maui condo rentals and book the one that’s perfect for you!