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Maui is home to fun activities, breathtaking scenery, friendly people, mouth-watering food, and exciting summer events! Not only can you enjoy coming to Maui during the winter time to escape the winter blues is one of the top escapes for people around the world, especially on the East Coast, but you should come to this beautiful destination during the heat of the summer months to check out annual events that are truly unmissable.

Along with going hiking, partaking in fun watersports, going shopping at nearby boutiques, and lounging on the beach, there are once-a-year events from the middle of July until the end of September that are truly the best of the best!

Check out these must-do activities and must-attend events in Maui, Hawaii. We guarantee you and your friends will have an amazing time this summer in Hawaii!

Dreaming, Beaming, and Streaming

Another event put on by the Film Festival company in Maui is the Dreaming, Beaming, and Streaming Speed of Light Virtual Cinema for the entire month of July! If you can’t get enough of local flicks and movie premieres after the film festival, head to the cinema — or stay right on your own couch — to enjoy this virtual film festival with feature-length films from all over the world.

Events in Maui: Maui AgFest

If you are a true nature lover, or you want to expose your kids to a different way of life, we recommend going to the Maui AgFest! This fun and educational event can give you and your entire family information on farms, taking care of animals, agriculture, produce, and how farmers live their lives! This fun event features a pancake breakfast where you can meet local farmers, food booths to try locally-sourced food, animal exhibits, and a food competition featuring local chefs.

Canoe Festival

This is a unique event that is solely meant for Hawaii! This canoe festival is held by the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association on Kaanapali Beach, featuring canoe owners, those who go canoe sailing, and canoe races to keep your adrenaline going all day long!

Kapalua Wine and Food Festival

The Kapalua Wine and Food Festival is one of the most widely lauded events in the state due to the quality of the wines, setting, ambiance, and low-priced tickets! The 43rd annual Kapalua Wine and Food Festival is held at Kapalua and features different types of wine, wine-tasting seminars, VP packages, exclusive offerings, a Grand Tasting Gala evening, and winemaker dinners. We recommend getting a package that includes having an afternoon tasting with a local winemaker, Sunday Champagne brunch, and an intimate winemaker dinner that gives you inside information!

Through the Roots

Make sure you come and visit Maui at the beginning of August to attend Through the Roots, a fusion of both Hawaiian and West Coast American music that features a classic island sound, reggae, and rock. Head to the Da Playground any time after 8 pm with your over 21+ pals to dance, drink, and have a great time!

Obon Dance Festival

The Obon Dance Festival at the Lahaina Hongwanji Mission features a weekend full of mouthwatering local food, fresh produce, crafts, arts, Keiki, dancing, drinking, and good vibes.

Emma Farden Sharpe Hula Festival

Are you in the mood to attend a traditional hula or hula? Then check out the Emma Farden Hula Festival at the Lahaina Town Action Committee and Lahaina Hawaiian Civic Club! This event states that ‘hula is the language of the heart and the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people’ — and if you are lucky enough to attend this annual party, you will soon see why! Hula is full of good vibes, dancing, live music, friendly people, beautiful flowers, and interesting history.

Yoshua Di Carpio

Are you still in the mood to listen to some live music? Well, listen to Yoshua Di Carpio and Andrea Walls for some top-notch jazz music that is truly going to get you out of your seat and moving and grooving to the upbeat tunes! We love this concert series at Java Jazz in Lahaina which has world-class music and a relaxing setting.

Silent Disco

We love the Silent Disco for you to just sit back, relax, and break out your best dance moves! The Silent Disco at Down the Hatch is a fun and exciting event on Thursday, September 15th, at Down the Hatch and Breakwall SHave Ice Company in Lahaina, Maui. head here after 10 pm to listen to live music, choose your DJ, and dance with your pals. Every third Thursday of the Month has a $5 headphone rental, numerous DJs for you to choose your perfect song, mouthwatering cocktails and delicious drinks, cheap beer, and tasty appetizers for you to share with your friends. This event always has great vibes and is open until 1 am!

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