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Are there amenities onsite? 

Absolutely! Our Royal Kahana vacation rentals boast a range of onsite amenities for guests to enjoy. From an oceanfront swimming pool offering panoramic views of the Pacific to a BBQ area perfect for outdoor gatherings, and a fitness center for those who want to stay active, the resort provides a well-rounded experience for a memorable stay. 

Are your Royal Kahana vacation rentals suitable for families? 

Yes, our Royal Kahana vacation rentals cater to families of all sizes. With a variety of accommodations, including studios, 1-bedrooms, and 2-bedrooms, families can find the perfect space to suit their needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay in West Maui. 

Are there any dining options within walking distance? 

Certainly! Guests at Royal Kahana can explore nearby dining options within walking distance. From enjoying fresh sushi at Miso Phat Sushi to savoring craft brews and delicious meals at Maui Brewing Company, there’s a diverse range of culinary experiences just steps away from the resort. 

What is there to do in West Maui? 

West Maui offers a plethora of activities for visitors. Guests can engage in water sports, attend cultural events, relax on beautiful beaches, and play on world class golf courses, among other island adventure options. The rich diversity of experiences in West Maui ensures there’s something for every type of traveler to enjoy. 

What amenities are available at Papakea? 

Our Papakea vacation rentals offer a range of amenities to enhance your stay. Guests can enjoy the lush tropical grounds, oceanfront swimming pool, hot tub, and BBQ area, and access to a variety of water activities. The resort provides a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation for a memorable Maui vacation. 

Are there nearby dining options? 

Absolutely! Papakea is conveniently located near a variety of dining options. Whether guests prefer casual beachside cafes or upscale restaurants, they can explore the diverse culinary scene around the resort. Head to Duke’s Beach House for a memorable island inspired meal or pick up fresh ingredients to prepare your own feast at the nearby Fish Market Maui. 

What sets your Papakea vacation rentals apart? 

Our Papakea vacation rentals stand out for their spacious accommodations and stunning oceanfront views. Each rental is thoughtfully designed to provide guests with a comfortable and luxurious retreat and onsite amenities, creating an ideal home-away-from-home experience in Maui. 

Is there a beach nearby? 

Certainly! Our Papakea vacation rentals are situated along the picturesque North Kaanapali Beach. Known for its long stretches of golden sands, the Kaanapali area is a perfect location for beach lovers. 

What is there to do in Napili? 

Napili offers a range of activities for visitors to enjoy. From lounging on the pristine Napili Bay Beach to exploring the scenic Kapalua Coastal Trail, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and golfing, there’s something for every vacationer. The laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty make Napili a perfect destination for relaxation and outdoor adventures. 

What restaurants are nearby? 

Our Napili Point vacation rentals are conveniently located near excellent dining options. Guests can relish breakfast at The Gazebo, known for its delicious pancakes and stunning ocean views, or enjoy a seafood dinner at Sea House, offering a diverse menu in a beachfront setting. 

What can I expect at Napili Point Resort? 

At Napili Point Resort, every condo comes with a breathtaking ocean view. Guests can wake up to the sound of the waves and enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific from the comfort of their accommodations. The resort’s commitment to providing ocean-view condos adds an extra layer of luxury and tranquility to the overall stay. 

Is there snorkeling nearby? 

Certainly! Napili Point Resort is situated right on Honokeana Bay, providing guests with easy access to excellent snorkeling opportunities. The vibrant marine life and crystal-clear waters make it a perfect spot for snorkeling enthusiasts to explore the underwater beauty of Maui’s coastline. 

What is there to do in Kaanapali? 

Kaanapali offers a plethora of activities for visitors, from lounging on the pristine beaches to exploring the lively Whalers Village with its shops and dining options. Guests can also indulge in water activities, take scenic walks, or enjoy a round of golf at the renowned Kaanapali Golf Courses. 

What restaurants are nearby? 

Maui Eldorado rentals are conveniently located near excellent dining options. Guests can savor delicious meals at Cliff Dive Grill, known for its oceanfront dining experience, or indulge in culinary delights at Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman, offering a diverse menu with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. 

Why is Black Rock Beach a popular place to go in the evenings? 

Black Rock Beach, situated nearby, is a popular evening destination due to its stunning sunset views. Visitors gather to witness the breathtaking spectacle as the sun sets over the Pacific, creating a magical atmosphere. The nightly torch lighting and cliff diving ceremony also add to the allure of this iconic spot. 

What makes your Maui Eldorado rentals stand out? 

Our Maui Eldorado rentals stand out for their prime location, tucked along both the Kaanapali Golf Course and Kaanapali Beach. Guests can enjoy the best of both worlds – a serene golf course setting and easy access to the beautiful shores of Kaanapali. This unique combination adds to the overall charm and appeal of our rentals, providing guests with a memorable island experience. 

What amenities are available at Koa Lagoon? 

Koa Lagoon offers a range of enticing amenities to enhance your stay, including a refreshing swimming pool, a spacious sun deck for soaking up the Hawaiian sun, and a BBQ area perfect for enjoying outdoor meals with family and friends. 

What makes the Koa Lagoon vacation rentals stand out? 

Our Koa Lagoon vacation rentals stand out for being a budget-friendly oceanfront option in the popular Kihei area. Guests can enjoy the beauty of an oceanfront location without compromising on affordability, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a comfortable and economical stay in Maui. 

What is there to do in Kihei? 

Kihei is a vibrant town with plenty of activities to explore. Guests can relax on the pristine beaches, try water sports like snorkeling or paddleboarding, explore local shops and restaurants, and even take part in cultural events. Kihei’s lively atmosphere and diverse offerings ensure there’s always something for everyone. 

Is there parking available? 

Absolutely! Koa Lagoon provides the convenience of free private parking on-site, allowing guests to explore the beautiful surroundings of Kihei and beyond without any parking hassles. This added amenity adds to the overall ease and comfort of your stay at our Koa Lagoon vacation rentals. 

Why stay in Kihei? 

Kihei is a popular choice for vacationers due to its central location and sunny weather. The town offers easy access to beautiful beaches, diverse dining options, and a laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing and convenient Maui experience. 

What is there to do in Kihei? 

Kihei offers a variety of activities for visitors. Guests can enjoy sunbathing and water sports on the golden sands of the iconic Kamaole Beaches, explore the vibrant local shops and markets, and indulge in delicious cuisine at surrounding restaurants. The town also serves as a great base for exploring other attractions on the island, such as Haleakala National Park.  

Are there family-friendly activities in Kihei? 

Absolutely! Kihei caters to families with activities like whale watching tours, visits to the Maui Ocean Center, and picnics in the beachside parks. The calm waters of the Kamaole Beaches make it a safe and enjoyable environment for families with children. 

Do your Kihei Vacation Rentals offer ocean views? 

Yes, many of our Kihei vacation rentals provide stunning ocean views. Whether from a beachfront condo or a hillside villa, guests can enjoy the mesmerizing sights and sounds of the Pacific, adding an extra layer of relaxation and beauty to their stay in Kihei. 

What is Kaanapali Beach known for? 

Kaanapali Beach is renowned for its pristine golden sands, clear turquoise waters, and stunning views. It’s a paradise for beach lovers, offering a picturesque setting where visitors can bask in the Hawaiian sun, partake in a variety of water activities, and witness mesmerizing sunsets over the Pacific. 

What makes Kaanapali one of the top destinations in Maui? 

Kaanapali is considered one of the top destinations in Maui due to its unparalleled beauty and diverse offerings. From the world-class golf courses and luxurious resorts to its endless white sand beaches and fiery sunsets, Kaanapali provides an unforgettable vacation experience. 

Does Kaanapali Shores offer a swimming pool? 

Certainly! Kaanapali Shores features a lagoon-style pool with water features and an oceanfront pool, providing guests with a refreshing and relaxing aquatic escape in a picturesque tropical setting. 

What other amenities are offered at Kaanapali Shores? 

Kaanapali Shores goes above and beyond with its amenities. Guests can enjoy a fitness center, two tennis courts, and a pickleball court for active pursuits. Afterward, unwind in the sauna or indulge in a beachfront massage for ultimate relaxation. These added features enhance the overall experience, making Kaanapali Shores a sought-after destination for a rejuvenating and enjoyable Maui vacation. 

What are some features of your Kaanapali luxury vacation rentals? 

Our Kaanapali luxury vacation rentals boast a range of upscale features. Some accommodations are luxury homes with private pools, providing an exclusive and indulgent experience. Additionally, exquisite oceanfront condos offer breathtaking views and top-notch amenities for a truly lavish stay in Maui. 

What are some things to do on a luxury getaway to Maui? 

A luxury getaway to Maui opens the door to a plethora of indulgent experiences. Guests can enjoy oceanfront spa treatments, savor fine dining at gourmet restaurants, embark on private yacht charters, and partake in exclusive tours to explore the island’s beauty in style. 

Why stay in Kaanapali? 

Staying in Kaanapali offers the epitome of luxury in a stunning tropical setting. From the pristine beaches and world-class golf courses to the upscale shopping and dining at Whalers Village, Kaanapali provides an opulent and convenient base for a luxurious vacation in Maui. 

Are there golf courses nearby? 

Certainly! Kaanapali is home to world-renowned golf courses, offering enthusiasts a chance to play in a spectacular oceanfront setting. Guests can tee off at courses like the Kaanapali Golf Courses, enjoying the challenge of the game amidst the beauty of Maui’s landscapes. 

Does Honua Kai Resort have a pool? 

Yes, Honua Kai Resort boasts a large lagoon-style pool that adds an extra dimension to your tropical retreat. Complete with a slide, waterfall, and caves, the pool provides an exciting and refreshing experience for guests of all ages. 

 Is the beach nearby? 

The beach is right on your doorstep! Honua Kai Resort is perfectly situated right on the shores of the famed Ka’anapali Beach. This prime location allows guests to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf just steps away from their accommodations, enhancing the overall beachfront experience. 

 Are the Honua Kai Resort Vacation Rentals family-friendly? 

Yes, we welcome families! Many of our Honua Kai Resort Vacation Rentals offer up to 3 bedrooms, making them ideal for families seeking spacious and comfortable accommodations. The family-friendly atmosphere extends beyond the rooms, creating a welcoming environment throughout the property. 

What is the Kaanapali area of Maui like? 

The Kaanapali area of Maui is a tropical paradise known for its stunning beauty and vibrant atmosphere. With pristine beaches, world-class dining, and a range of outdoor activities, Kaanapali offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Guests can explore the charming local shops, dine in exquisite restaurants, and soak in the breathtaking sunset views, creating lasting memories in this enchanting part of Maui. 

Where are your Honokowai/Kahana vacation rentals located? 

 Honokowai and Kahana are situated in the Napili-Honokowai area, which is located between Kaanapali and Kapalua in West Maui. This prime location offers guests easy access to the stunning beaches and attractions of the surrounding areas. 

 What is this area well known for? 

The Honokowai/Kahana area is well known for its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and proximity to world class golf courses. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific, engage in water activities, and explore the vibrant local culture and dining scenes. 

What can I expect when staying at your Honokowai-Kahana vacation rentals? 

 Guests staying at our Honokowai-Kahana vacation rentals can expect comfortable accommodations with 1-2 bedrooms, a full kitchen for added convenience, and a range of onsite amenities. Whether it’s a family vacation or a romantic getaway, our rentals provide a home-away-from-home experience in a beautiful tropical setting. 

 What is the benefit of staying in West Maui? 

Staying in West Maui offers numerous benefits, including easy access to some of the island’s most famous beaches, diverse dining options, unforgettable sunsets, and a variety of outdoor activities. From scenic drives along Maui’s iconic west coastline to rich cultural experiences, West Maui provides a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for a memorable Hawaiian vacation.